• Laura Roller

    I love the desktop backgrounds! I come back monthly hunting for them because they make my computer look so snazzy.
    In terms of silly mess ups, I made a calendar for Ryan, who was my boyfriend then and is now my husband, with dates like our family’s birthdays and school vacations. I also listed the day he asked me out….on the wrong day! He still gives me a hard time for that one sometimes.

    • http://blog.lettermeloved.com Letter Me Loved

      Thank you, Laura!! I’m glad that you love them – that’s definitely what they’re here for. And I can totally relate to that! For the first year of our marriage, I kept saying that our wedding day was 6.6.13 instead of 6.8.13. My husband had SO MUCH FUN correcting me.

  • http://www.sunshinetothesquareinch.com/ Sunshine to the Square Inch

    I love the backgrounds and I just ordered some cards! Yay!

    • http://blog.lettermeloved.com Letter Me Loved

      Thank you, Beka! Your purchase makes our day! I hope you enjoy the cards and have a happy March!

  • http://ahopefulhood.blogspot.com/ Julie Hood

    i love those backgrounds!! you ladies have quite the talent 🙂 and we had come thou fount in our wedding too!! it was my bridal processional. such a great hymn!

  • http://www.theladyokieblog.com/ Amanda

    I’m rocking the second one on my work desktop right now 🙂 Thanks, ladies! Happy March!

    • http://blog.lettermeloved.com Letter Me Loved

      Yay! Hearing that makes our day. Happy March to you, too!