• http://www.chocolateandsunset.com/ Summer

    The pancakes look delicious ♥♥


    • http://blog.lettermeloved.com Letter Me Loved

      They were definitely delicious! I wish I were eating them right now! – Jenny

  • http://mybowsandclothes.blogspot.com/ Sarah @ Bows and Clothes

    I am loving all of this!


    • http://blog.lettermeloved.com Letter Me Loved

      Thank you, Sarah!

  • http://www.takingstepshome.com/ Amy

    A PANCAKE RESTAURANT! <3 <3 <3 i need that in my life!

    • http://blog.lettermeloved.com Letter Me Loved

      It was pretty much awesome. Not pictured: A Sriracha chicken biscuit that’s making my mouth water thinking about it. – Jenny

  • Yesenia Benedit

    Ok teach me your photography ways! Why didn’t I know of you adorable blog? Your newest follower for sure. I’m not a big pumpkin fan but pumpkin streusel muffins sounds amazing. I think I might just try them.
    I can’t imagine how hard residency must be and I definitely agree with you on appreciating how much time you see your loved ones. Family and friend time is always much needed.
    Happy Wednesday ♥

    • http://blog.lettermeloved.com Letter Me Loved

      Thanks for stopping by, Yesenia! We are glad you enjoy our space. Photography is definitely not one of our strengths, but something we’ve been diligent in learning more and more about. Please come back soon! – Jenny

  • http://www.robynsnest.org/ Robyn Black

    your photos make me swoon! and i so agree about chili – leftovers forever! 🙂 our favorite is white chicken chili that is super simple to make (recipe here: http://www.robynsnest.org/2013/11/white-chicken-chili.html) but i love finding new chili recipes too! who knew you could make the same meal so many different ways!!

    good luck at the craft fair! and that Christmas print – swooning over here!!! 🙂 cant’ wait to see more!

    • http://blog.lettermeloved.com Letter Me Loved

      Thank you, Robyn! That white chicken chili recipe looks delicious! I’m saving it now to my “to make” list. And we can’t wait to reveal our entire line! – Jenny

  • http://www.anneinresidence.com Anne

    All your photos are so enticing! Especially that pancake one 🙂 Love the ornaments – so pretty. And good reminder to add chili back to the regular menu rotation…

    I feel you on the residency schedule thing, Sarah! Always so good to make a point to enjoy the normal things when you get the chance – and remember that someday normal will be normal! We’re in the first year out of residency and it really is nice 🙂

    Thanks for joining in with us, ladies!